Nenhum aviao embateu nas torres. 9/11

No Commercial Planes Crashed on 9-11
9-12.jpgApril 25, 2018

When a foreign power can commit an atrocity like 9-11 with the complicity
of America’s Masonic colonial ruling class, you know that
the United States is not an empire.
Although I cannot vouch for the claims made here,
they are plausible and expose 9-11 as a bald-faced hoax.
Because they got away with 9-11,
these false flags have continued on a regular basis.


“NOT ONE single supposed passenger parked a car at any airport on 9-11 NOT ONE. Why? There was no commercial plane crashes on 9-11.”

There were no commercial plane crashes on September 11, 2001

by Alexandra Bruce
(abridged by

Every one of the supposed 256 passengers on 9-11 paid for their tickets in cash on THE MORNING 0f 9-11! NOT ONE used a single credit card and there are no electronic receipts from anyone or any company anywhere in the world. Why? There was no commercial plane crashes on 9-11. This is the reason for:

HUNDRED’s of so-called “terrorist training drills” like Tripod II and Vigilant Guardian were taking place on 9-11….at the exact time of the plane crashes…..

NONE of the voice data recorders, flight data recorders, or BLACK BOXES had serial numbers….a first in aviation history and it happened 4 times on the same day…

(Update: Mueller…yes that Mueller has stated that the FBI has ‘lost all the black boxes’ from 9-11! Maybe it’s with the original moon landing video that they ALSO said they have lost?)

ALL the buildings and locations on 9-11 appear to have been destroyed by some form of demolition or Directed Energy Weapon

The US government allocated only $3 million dollars to investigate ALL of 9-11(Lewinsky Scandal got $50 million)

EVERY video filming the Pentagon was immediately confiscated (80+ at last count)

The command procedure to shoot down a rogue plane was changed just weeks before 9-11 to having to get Donald Rumsfeld’s permission first….and then was changed back immediately the day AFTER 9-11 to the pilot’s discretion…..

NOT ONE single video exists of any person (except ATTA) at any airport in any way from any of the planes of 9-11

The reason that tens of millions of dollars were made on “put options” which shorted United and American Airlines just days before 9-11 and the US REFUSES to release exactly who made those financial bets

The reason that Rumsfeld announced $2.3 TRILLION had been “lost” at the Pentagon on 9-10-01 and that the 28 accounting experts would be looking into it (ALL 28 died in the Pentagon plane attack and all investigations were immediately dropped.)

The Pentagon was conducting a “MASCAL” (Mass Casualty) exercise ON THE DAY OF 9-11 at the Pentagon involving a PLANE CRASHING INTO IT…was once again for a weak plausible deniability excuse.

The doors, fire escapes, observation decks, and ALL access to the tops WTC’s 1 and 2 buildings were closed and chained up on Monday 9-10-01…was because survivors could talk…

Mayor Gulliani was conducting Operation Tripod II at Pier 92 (rather than his NEW multiple million dollar bunker inside WTC 7) on Monday 9-10-01 which involved terrorist attacks on the WTC’s and then the same exact people were then in charge of 9-11..

The FBI released the names, addresses, photos, religious beliefs, whereabouts, affiliations, professional connections, flight training schools, nationalities, personal histories, ages, visa status OF ALL the highjackers within DAYS Of 9-11 (Unibomber took 17 years!)…

PA Gov. Tom Ridge, who would then head a new agency called Homeland Security, said that the WTC debris would be buried at CDI’s smelting plant which was purchased just months before 9-11 in PA (no debris went overseas or to China for example!)

Even though it was illegal, Gulliani banned ALL photography and video of the WTC’s after the attacks which clearly showed serious problems with the official stories.

Osama Bin Laden denied any connection to wrongdoing and basically says the US government and military are sick and murderous for their own gains … is because he had nothing to do with 9-11.

There will always be massive problems with the passenger lists. NONE of the hijackers were listed on ANY of them.

There will NEVER be a single piece of verified debris from ANY of the 4 planes from ANY of the 4 locations on 9-11.

NO engines, NO tail sections, NO seats, NO fuselage, NO luggage, and NOTHING from any of the planes has ever been found and verified through a serial number.

There are massive problems with the take-off records of the 4 flights on 9-11 is that there was no commercial plane crashes on 9-11.

NOT ONE PENNY has been paid from insurance companies to replace the planes themselves is that they pay only be verifiable debris….and NONE has ever been found…

Bush threatened Congressman to never investigate 9-11, then delayed the investigation 18 months, then handpicked the Commission members, had Commission members quit because they said the Commission was a fraud because they were never going to be allowed to inspect the plane wreckage because of “national security”, and then told them to never “cross the line” with regards to plane investigations……

(Sen. Paul Wellstone paid with his life. He demanded to verify the plane debris. That’s why he was killed)

The reason that thermite and cordite tested POSITIVE and was found EVERYWHERE on 9-11.

Jet fuel tested NEGATIVE at ALL 4 crash sites on 9-11.

The reason that the WTC towers 1 and 2, which were each 110 stories high of reinforced concrete and steel covering ONE ACRE for each floor…….which was then turned into a pile of dust standing only TWO STORIES HIGH from a fuel fire ( a first in world history)…..was because there were no commercial plane crashes on 9-11.

The reason CDI, Control Demolition Inc, (A DEMOLITION COMPANY ….even though there was no piece of building debris larger than what could fit onto their existing trucks!) was paid $35 Billion to clean up 9-11 (similar to what the US government paid CDI after the OKCity bombing in 1995) and was seen in and around the WTC’s AND OKCity Murrah building for weeks and months PRIOR to 9-11 and April 1995….was because there were no commercial plane crashes on 9-11.

The reason everyone smelled cordite and NOT ONE person smelled ANY of the 12,000 gallons of toxic jet fuel at the Pentagon was because there was no commercial plane crashes on 9/11.

The FAA boss destroyed the taped testimony of the 3 air traffic controllers immediately following 9-11 which basically said they could not have been commercial planes…

16 supposed Saudi Arabian men who averaged 5’4″ 120 lbs with ONE-inch knives could highjack 4 planes without a single mayday or hijacking code being entered by a single pilot on 9-11…

The reason that ALL EIGHT, 6-ton, 9ft wide Titanium alloy engines DISAPPEARED (a first in world history and it happened 8 times) .

The reason $15 billion dollars was paid out to the US airline companies within 2 weeks of 9-11.

It is now against US law to investigate or even contact the exact people who took the supposed “man from the street ” films, photos, and videos of planes of 9-11…

You will never have ANY truly independent investigation of 9-11 is that your legal system is owned by the same murderers and there was no commercial plane crashes on 9-11.

The reason that everything will be kept in secrecy with regards to any legal procedures, covered with terms like “national security” even though the ENTIRE PLANET supposedly saw it, and ANY court cases will all have gag orders and be closed to the public is because there was no commercial plane crashes on 9-11.

More reasons here (in the comments)


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